techirghiol attractions

Lake Techirghiol

Situated on the shore of the Black Sea, between the towns of Techirghiol, Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud, Lake Techirghiol is the largest salt water lake in Romania, with a length of 7.500 meters, a maximum depth of 9 meters and a salinity of over 90 grams/liter. Through its physical and geographical aspects, Lake Techirghiol distinguishes itself from other lakes, even if they have a similar genesis (river-marine bankshore). The average water temperature is in general close to that of the air. Due to a high mineralization, the temperature of Lake Techirghiol’s waters may drop below 0°C without freezing.

On the lake shore opposite of Eforie Nord town, stands the town of Techirghiol, established in 1893. The town is a renowned spa resort, where the mineralized salt waters and mud from the lake are used to great success in the treatment of different affections and ails, such as psoriasis, rheumatism, allergies etc.

Techirghiol Botanical Garden

The Techirghiol Botanical Garden, which covers an area of approximately 56.000 square meters, was designed and built using as a reference and inspiration the gardens from Balcic, Bulgaria.

On its entire terraced surface there were planted over 20.000 plants, trees and shrubs from over 100 different species. There were also set up walkways, pergolas, kiosks and gazebos, and a waterfall with an artificial lake.

On the grounds of the Techirghiol Botanical Garden one can also visit and enjoy: the conservatory especially built to house a collection of cactuses and exotic plants, the community center and the life-sized chess board, which has, among its pieces, replicas of two statues of King Mihai I and Queen Maria.

techirghiol attractions
techirghiol attractions

Saint Mary Monastery

Located close to the Techirghiol Spa Sanatorium and Rehabilitation Center, the Saint Mary Monastery is an oasis of tranquility and spiritual relaxation.

The wooden church of the Saint Mary Monastery, with its origin in the province of Maramures, is in Techirghiol since 1951, after being displaced from the Royal Sheepfold in Sinaia, where it was often attended for religious services by the Romanian Royal Family.

Since the year 2000, within the Monastery complex functions a modern treatment base, where, according to the recommendations of specialist physicians, patients can undergo any of these following procedures: galvanization, ionogalvanization, diadynamic currents, interference currents, ultrasound, functional electrical stimulation, galvanic baths, mud baths, mineral baths with waters from Techirghiol Lake, algae baths, massage therapy, ergpnomic exercise bike, laser therapy, sauna.

Lake Techirghiol Waterfront

For almost two years the Waterfront underwent several rehabilitation operations, from remaking the steps and lining them with local sourced stones to constructing a circular artesian fountain around the statue “Tekir and its donkey”.

Furthermore, the new promenade, flanked by beautiful trees and decorative shrubs, has two artesian fountains and a series of wooden benches placed alongside the lower walkways.

The park includes also two new playgrounds, well outfitted with recreational equipment (swings, slides, etc.)

techirghiol attractions